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We at Night Tide Lighting have made it our mission to shine a light on new, creative ideas and solutions that will revolutionize the landscape lighting industry. These features include:

With a cast bronze base and three stainless steel stakes, Night Tide fixtures grip the ground, preventing movement. This revolutionary construction ensures the fixture will remain straight, secure, and won't rust. Night Tide's triple stake is a complete fix over the industry-standard single stake design.

Producing fixtures cast in bronze, Night Tide provides unsurpassable, long-lasting quality with a lifetime warranty. Cast bronze is the choice of sculptors worldwide, while providing an image of prestige and permanence. It is a timeless metal that allows lights to stay true in form and function. Bronze will not rust, corrode or peel like other metals. A true sculpture becomes more valuable with time. Invest in the best.

Night Tide completes the work of art by aging each fixture with a natural patina, leaving each fixture with a beautiful chocolate bronze color that will last a lifetime.

Night Tide fixture are constructed with L.E.D. technology. L.E.D. light has an outstanding lamplife of approximately 50,000 hours. We also have a three year manufacturer warranty on the lamp life. Night Tide prides itself in having one of the most eco-friendly, energy-efficient lights on the market today. With Night Tide's L.E.D. lights, you will find the highest quality light output and the lowest operating cost all-in-one.

Night Tide's L.E.D. technology paints your landscape with it's true daylight color, providing you the luxury of a colorful evening outdoors.




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